Swanee (1999)

An email from a mate

Swanee email from andy

It was a great opportunity to play with John Swan.  John has been there and done that…and is still doing it.  John’s voice is legendary and he still gets air play with ‘Lady-what’s your name’ and Íf I was a Carpenter’. Funny, my most favourite song was ‘Matthew’ a song penned, I believe, for John’s nephew.

Gigs with John were loud and sometimes a little wild. The bassist was Mick-solid player and the guitarist was Kev-great player, full Marshall stack, Les Paul and a DS1-what more do you want?

With John I played the ‘Boys are Back’gigs. I’ve been in some band rooms, but backstage at a ‘boys’ gig was an experience.

I played with John for about a year-some good times. John’s website is www.swanee com.au