Savannah (1985/7)

Savannah was a fabulous band to play in. Great bunch of guys, great time for covers bands (plenty of gigs) and of course there was the ‘portable party’ which followed the band.

I joined the band in a rush playing the first gig at Didis with out a rehearsal other than a run though a couple of hours before the gig.

The core of the band was Ray (guitar), GarryC (Vocals) and Bob (Sound, management and back up vocals from the desk) While I was in the band (Keyboards) Mark was on drums and DB on bass.

Favourite Gigs was Didis, Stallions, New York Tavern and a party on the back of a truck that we later found out was an under world criminal figure.

Savannah won best Sydney dance band twice while I was with them (85/87) and firmly established a life style for me of going to bed after 4.00am.

I have lost contact with most of the guys (please drop me a line) but I am wondering what the long term results was of that much smoke and alcohol.