Nugenes (1987)

Maybe a good way of looking at Nugenes is to read Mark’s (Guitarist/Vocalist/Manager) summary on his myspace page

NuGenes grew from the nucleus of idiosyncratic Sydney pop/rock group, Fifth Business- in effect a name change on signing to Giant Records, a subsidiary of Alberts run by producer Peter Dawkins (Matt Finish, Mi-Sex etc). The band released one single, a “contagious” (Juke magazine) ballad penned by Jodi which , accompanied by a striking video clip, was a hit regionally but fell foul of late ‘80’s “Farnsey & Barnsey” FM radio programming in Sydney. A follow-up single was aired in the wee small hours on an Olympic Telethon complete with new rhythm section, but in truth the song sucked big time & will never see the light of day (Mark nods in agreement & he should know ‘cos he co-wrote it) (Hmmmm…as the other co writer…maybe it may see the light of day as I have the video-Gary says tempting Mark to respond hehehe!). Under the influence of sequencers & record company politics NuGenes imploded in true rock’n’roll fashion (but with less drugs) in late 1988 as the band split into 2 camps over the familiar cry of “musical differences”. Jodi went on to form the semi-legendary Clouds & these days works in the company of partner, Tim Oxley as Roger Loves Betty; Mark returned to his roots via the “folk/pop/rock’n’roll” (thanks Stuart Coupe) of Fingerpop & Thieves & currently the Dead Setters. Peter is retired but last heard still plays sax from time to time, Gary ran a music store & other businesses for a while & toured with some folks more famous than ourselves & now runs a security company (owns!!  I wish but I cant quite afford to buy Bosch-Gary), Sonny is probably a Captain of Industry (he was doing his MBA when he was with us) (Sonny is a successful business person living in the USA-Gary), Pete & John are out there somewhere & a damn fine rhythm section they were..

The Players

Mark -vocals, guitar; Jodi-vocals, bass (early); Pete -sax, vocals; Gary-keyboards;  Doug-drums (early): Sonny-drums (Level with Me+) ; John-bass (late); Peter-drums (late)

The Record deal and single

On 26th August 1987 Nugenes signed by iconic producer Peter Dawkins to Giant records.  On the 12th October, 1987 we released the single Level with Me.  It lacked a top 40 in Sydney or Melbourne but received some great reviews and significant airplay. Click here to view the video. (Mark has also lots of live video he has uploaded which you can find from here)

The last live gigs

After the single release the band continued to gig and receive some press and a few months later returned to the studio with a variety of opinions about musical direction and musical taste.  The 2nd single, Anticipation, was released on a channel Ten Olympic Telethon but was never released on vinyl. I do have the video and may release…sometime 🙂 The usual musical taste and direction was behind the band’s final demise (I believe the final meeting occurred at a Mexican Restaurant in Neutral Bay)


The Single and more