Gary Meyers-The End (2003)

So, somewhere around 2003 I retired and it was the end for Gary Meyers as a musician.  (I have been reminded that I did do some school musicals and occasionally accompany one of my kids on stage… but hey…its not Rock and Roll)

30+ years of humping gear in the back of panel vans, waiting in bars for the gig to start, really bad motel rooms and lots of smoky pubs and clubs.  Was it worth it?  Sure was!

In truth I had a couple of small chances to ‘make it’ as a musician but like 1000s before and after me, I really did it for the love of playing. The long blonde hair is gone (short grey now) and I wear a suit and tie most days.

If you played with me over those years, thanks for the good time and please drop me an email and say hi.

Gary Meyers

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