Gary Meyers Introduction

Nugenes publicity shot at level with me video shot


I am Gary Meyers and this is about a past life-The Bands.

Recently I took my scrap book to my work to show some colleagues about my past life as a musician.  The pages were yellowing and falling apart (sort of like my own body) and I realised that by the time my kids would be old enough to read it, it would have not been in a fit state to read. So a transfer to electronic medium was a necessity and a website may open up some contacts and comment from musicians I have played with in the past.

The Apology

If you were someone I played with I probably remember the music, what instrument you played and I can probably even sing the harmonies….but I may have forgotten your name.  If that is the case…I apologise and please send me an email so I can remedy the site.

The Memory

To the best of my knowledge everything in the site is 100% accurate.  The is based on my memory, my scrapbook and input from friends.  If I have made a mistake, let me know and I’ll amend ASAP.

The Surnames

For this site I have only used a letter for the surnames for the musician’s privacy.  If you don’t mind me using your full name, drop me an email.

Your Input

I would love to have some more pictures and information to complete the story. Please drop me an email-it would be good to catch up and complete the whole story

Let me know what you think, some of its embarrassing but for 35 years of my life it was my life. As the title says, I almost made it and there was some great times and some not so great.