Fifth Business (1987)

Fifth Business keyboardplayerwanted

After Tropical Penguins I was looking for a new band and I again found a ‘wanted’ advert in the back of ‘On The Street’

I joined Fifth Business just before a name change to Nugenes.  Before I arrived the band had a released a great song ‘Making love in Cars’ a song penned by Mark (Guitar/Vocal) Watch on You Tube

Fifth Business had a few line up changes but by the time I arrived it was Mark – (guitar/vocals), Jodi  (bass/Vocals) Doug (Drums) and Peter (Sax). It was a great pop sound, good songs and as the advert said-ambitious. Mark fronted the band but Jodi’s amazing vocals and songwriting were ermeging from behind the bass.

By April 87 the band metamorphosed to Nugenes…..