The Clouds (1989)

If I look up The Clouds in any Australian rock history or even Wikipedia I find the history of the Clouds doesn’t align with my memory, my scrap book or even the business registration on the ASIC website.

The usual history states:

Çlouds are an indie rock band formed in December 1989….

The Clouds were gigging months before December 89 with a couple of different line ups.  The first gig was 30th August 89 and the line up from the article below was Jodi, Rob, Trish, myself and ??? on drums.  I can remember rehearsing with the drummer pictured below (I am racking my brain to remember the name-sorry) but if my memory serves me maybe Sonny drummed the first gig the Hopetown.

History is correct in that by December ’89 I was no longer in the band and did not record the first album. (Musical Differences-works for me!! – I still have an early recording of Cloud Factory, with keyboards, recorded at Trafalgar). Anyway, Jodi and Trish recorded some great albums and should have made the big time if they weren’t let down by their US record company who in one decision dropped all their non-US bands including The Clouds