Clooz (1982)

I have no idea how I ended up playing (Bass) with Clooz.  The band was a five piece with Ray on Keys, Bob on Guitar and I am 50% sure another Gary on drums.  The band was fronted by a couple of different female vocalist (Sorry name forgotten) and played various clubs and pubs in Sydney.

Had some great times but I do remember a huge argument with the partner of the lead singer at a band meeting at Ray’s place.

After Clooz Bob, Glenn (ex Sonlight) and I played in a trio at the Oyster Shell at  Blakehurst. How/why we did it (other than money) I don’t know.  I do remember that certain unethical actions occurred in the office downstairs between the Owner of the restaurant and a staff member. As we sat outside the office in the breaks it made some interesting comments.