In the beginning

In the beginning ….. A good biblical way to start.

I grew up in a musical family primarily associated with the church.  Dad, Bruce Meyers, was a church organist and an importer of Thomas electronic organs.  My first gig was singing ‘This little eye is right (and will look to Jesus) with my elder brother David.  I was about 5 and a stage career had begun. While the church and I didn’t get on all the time it was a great musical grounding. From 7 years I took formal piano lessons and played guitar for fun. My thanks forever to my Mum, Jenny, who drove me the piano lessons and sat in the car waiting for an ungrateful son to return.

By the time I was 14 or so I was playing in a Band with a friend from church Marcus and I think Richard on drums.  Our first gig, from my memory, was as a support act to Marcus’ mum, June, choral choir at at Church in East Gosford .  I don’t remember much of the gig, apart from playing wipeout but I remember the gear-Voxton Semi-Acoustic (335 type copy) and a Vox Viscount guitar amp. I stayed in an out of Church bands until my late teens.

A huge influence for me musically was DavidB.  Dave was a keyboard player /guitarist who primarily played in a duo with his wife Kathy.  David and I worked together and I did the odd gig with him including some musicals ‘Joseph’, ‘Butterfly Ball’ and a yearly dance for the the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind. David first influenced me to the band Yes and it still rates high on my iPod.

At this time I also played in a secular ‘rock band’-White Light and other church bands including Sonlight with Ian, Margaret, Graeme, Laurie, Sue, Glenn, Linda, Paul and a hoard of others.  Gigs included a yearly trip to Toowoomba for the ‘Carnival of Flowers’.  At this time started recording at Unison Records playing on albums with Pearl Sumner and Jim and Grace Vine.

OK…personally and musically that’s not the coolest start….but it was a good grounding for what comes next.