Abbalanche (1996)

What can I say Abbalanche!

…..yes this maybe wasn’t the coolest thing I have done in my life but I was playing with some great friends and I must say…it did pay well. I have no idea how I ended up playing in Abbalanche but my guess is the charm of Lesley talked me into it. The first gig was at Chevys in Cambelltown in October 1996

The band was Frida (Lesley), Anna (Donna) Bjorn (Peter) and yes I was Benny.  Abbalanche also included Ron (Bass-early), Brent (Drums-early) Matt (Bass-late), Stephen (Drums-late) and Dave managing.

There was some good gigs (Fox TV) and even though I have played in many bands for some reason this is the only band some people remember me being in (Sad isn’t it)

Abbalanche still gig with Pete and Lesley still key members BUT I have hung up my white suit and make-up forever. For their site go

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